Are Anti Wrinkle Creams Effective?

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anti wrinkle creamsOur skin and our face are some of our best assets, so when skin problems like wrinkles and fine lines occur we try to find the best remedy and solution to treat them. Wrinkles and fine lines are primarily caused by lack of collagen due to aging and sun damage on the skin cells. Thankfully, there are now several options we can try to remove the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. One of the most popular options is Botox injections. This procedure is very straightforward; Botox is directly injected into the problem area where wrinkles and fine lines are present. The procedure is non-invasive compared to other radical types of plastic surgery; however, it only temporarily improves the appearance of wrinkled skin and fine lines. Botox injections are very expensive and very risky because the substance they actually inject is a derivative of a neurotoxin.

An easier option for fighting or preventing wrinkles would be taking good care of yourself. Your body and skin need vitamin C to produce collagen. A good diet rich in Vitamin C will help your body and skin look and feel younger. A good sunscreen and protective clothing will also help prevent sun damage which causes wrinkles plus a good skin regimen would help keep your skin healthy. Although these steps are unlikely to make you look and feel younger, they can surely slow down the rate of skin aging. Another popular method of wrinkle treatment is anti-wrinkle creams. This is a safer alternative than Botox because the FDA screens products based on their safety of usage. The main concern many people have with these products is their effectiveness. The FDA only screens cosmetic products based on their safety for human use, not their effectiveness. Here are some important things to consider when choosing effective anti-wrinkle creams:

* Creams that contain Vitamin A compounds like Retinol and Tretinoin are effective against wrinkles and fine lines. They can inhibit or prevent free radicals, which can destroy skin cells and collagen. These ingredients are classified as prescription medications; therefore, you would need a prescription to get products with these components. The downside to Retinol and Tretinoin is that large quantities may be harmful especially for pregnant women.

* Tea and other natural antioxidants found on organic anti-wrinkle skin creams are great alternatives because they are gentler and safer for all skin types and daily use. However, these ingredients are not yet scientifically proven to fight wrinkles and fine lines.

* Peptides on skin creams can promote skin healing and assist collagen production which minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. However, the effectiveness of peptides as a topical solution has not yet been proven.

* Exfoliants like hydroxy acids are very effective in removing dead skin cells. New skin cells can minimize wrinkles and fine lines; however, new skin cells are very sensitive to sunlight and it is important to use a good sunscreen when using products with hydroxy acids.


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