Your High School Prom – Hints to avoid skin disorders

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Prom can seem like the most important night of your life and trying to avoid skin disorders that might spoil your night should be priority one on your list. It’s a chance to show off your beauty and grace, and to be remembered for it. To make sure you look your best and feel confident, it’s a good idea to plan well in advance and avoid skin issues. Here are a few tips to help you do exactly that:

avoid skin disorders at prom

Lose Weight Safely

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds before prom, don’t count on any sort of last-minute weight loss plan. These are often bad for your health and the last thing you want is to look sick and feel miserable on your prom night. Worst of all, you’ll gain the weight right back as soon as you stop dieting.

It’s much better to go for a safer route. If you decide to go on an official diet, choose one that promises one or two pounds of weight loss per week—that’s a healthy rate to lose weight at, and if you’re planning ahead you should be able to lose plenty in time for prom. Best of all, if you follow the healthy habits you started using to lose weight in the first place, you’ll keep it off afterwards. Also be sure to choose a diet that doesn’t cut out food groups, especially fruits and vegetables, or you’ll run into plenty of other health issues.

Another great idea is to get more exercise, especially cardio. A daily half-hour walk can work wonders for your health. Running, jogging, biking, swimming, and using an elliptical trainer are all great ways to take it up a notch. It’s not a bad idea to join a sports team, either. Getting more exercise will help you lose weight, and give you the energy to dance all night long!

Take Care of Your Skin (make sure to keep skin disorders at bay)

Whether you’re always struggling with acne or you’re just looking for ways to make your skin look even better, there’s no time like the present to figure out what you could be doing to improve your skincare. It will be well worth it on prom night.

The first thing to do is to try to see a dermatologist about any skin disorders you’re dealing with, even if it’s just occasional pimples. Nothing you read online will be as helpful as the advice of a professional who can examine the problem in person. Be sure to tell him or her about any and all skin care  products you’re using or plan to use, as well as any changes you’re making to your daily routine.

If you can’t make it to a dermatologist, take a little time to do some research. Find out what your skin type is and what the best solutions are for your body’s unique needs and check any  skin disorders you may have. Don’t just use the first moisturizer, cleanser, and skin cream you find on a store shelf—pick out the ones that will work best for you.

If you’re losing weight or starting an exercise routine, it’s a good idea to invest in stretch mark removal cream right off the bat. Stretch marks can be embarrassing and are hard to get rid of, but this kind of  skin disorders can usually be prevented by using a good cream on potential problem areas beforehand. Just keep in mind preventing skin disorders and you will stay healthy for  along time.

Start Now

Don’t put these plans off until a month or two before prom! Start doing everything you can to look your best as soon as you can. When the going gets tough, remember—this won’t just make you look your best on prom night. Establishing good habits now will make you healthier and prevent skin problems  for years to come.

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