What to Look for in the Best Face Moisturizer

One of the biggest problems people deal with is dry skin, especially facial skin. This occurs due to sun and wind exposure, poor diet, aging, improper skin care, medications, and much more. Unfortunately, without being properly moisturized, facial skin would experience both texture and appearance changes. These would include flakiness, lines, wrinkles, sagging, and roughness.

Photo of a woman using best face moisturizer ingredientThe good news is that once a person begins using the best face moisturizer, not only would texture and appearance improve but the health of the skin would actually improve. The challenge is the skin care industry is worth billions, which means shelves are lined with one product after another making choosing difficult. The goal in achieving youthful appearing, soft, firm, healthy, and gorgeous skin is by using the best and most effective product on a regular basis. Because the process of choosing can be overwhelming, we felt it important to provide information specific to what a person should look for in the most effective products. That way, a person would spend money on a product formulated with ingredients that work opposed to wasting money on products backed by empty claims. The right type of face moisturizer would also need to suit the right skin type. Oily skin requires a totally different product to keep it moisturized.


One of the primary things these products should do is rehydrate the skin. With this, skin cells could retain water content in a more efficient manner. As skin is hydrated, dryness would disappear, skin would become suppler, the appearance would be healthier and best of all skin would be provided with a protective barrier. In fact, many of the better moisturizers on the market today are made with sunscreen so along with skin being hydrated, it is provided with an extra layer of protection.


Although there are some great commercial moisturizers on the market, most contain chemicals, preservatives, or additives such as dyes and fragrances. Some people may never experience a reaction but any time a product is made with ingredients that are not natural or organic, risk of reaction would exist. Therefore, the best option when searching for the right skin care product would be in choosing something made only with natural or organic ingredients.

Often, a person would get more benefit from moisturizers made with natural or organic ingredients than those made with chemicals that could prove harmful. While there is a long list of natural oils that would be excellent, we provided an example of three that a person could look for when shopping around for the most effective moisturizers:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Macadamia Oil

Natural oils such as these and others provide the skin with moisture but also serve to protect. However, the benefit these oils have is that unlike standard moisturizing products, these are actually absorbed by skin cells so all layers of skin are softened, not just the epidermis or top layer. In addition, some people have allergic reactions to ingredients but natural oils are considered hypoallergenic.

Another huge benefit that comes from products made with one or more natural oils is they do not clog up pores. Because of this, a person’s skin is actually cleaner and healthier while looking amazing. It is also a known fact that many natural oils to include avocado are comparable to a person’s own naturally producing oil called sebum. This exact oil is one of the top choices because thanks to multiple studies, it has been shown to increase collage production, which helps build strong, healthy, and beautiful skin.

As far as ingredients, when making comparisons for the moisturizers, these would be the most vital factor. It might take a little time to learn about the various ingredients found in commercial and natural products but the investment would pay off in protecting skin and keeping it healthy, smooth, and radiant.

One of the most important things to know about ingredients is not only what the products should contain but also what it should not contain. The worst ingredient by far is petroleum, which could be listed on the label as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin wax, or liquid paraffin. Regardless of the title, these products are very harmful to skin.

All petroleum ingredients cause pores to close, which leads to problems such as blackheads, acne breakouts, and even skin infections. Although it would seem that petroleum would hydrate the skin, the truth is it robs facial skin of sebum so ultimately, a person would begin to experience the above problems along with dryness. Rather than products made with petroleum ingredients, the following are much better options.

  • Cynergy TK – This is comprised of Functional Keratin, a protein extract that is found within the body. Keratin is vital for the structure of nails, hair, and skin. Medical experts found a way of converting this natural protein in Functional Keratin, which has made a significant difference in the appearance and health of a person’s skin.
  • Rigin – This is a type of peptide that can actually reverse the signs of aging specific to the face and neck. As an extract of immunoglobulin G, it actually controls cytokine secretions, which are a main reason that skin ages. In addition to making skin look younger, it moisturizes.

Matching Skin Type

The last recommendation we wanted to make is that any product deemed “the best and most effective moisturizer” should be formulated for a specific skin type. In other words, if someone has extremely dry skin, the moisturizer should be made specifically for overly dry skin but if someone has combination skin, the product should have a formula that works with oily and dry skin. Because of the different skin types and the skincare industry being worth millions of dollars every year, finding the product specific to skin type is easy. For more helpful information on skin moisturizers click here.