Best Blackhead Removal Steps

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One of the most common problems associated with oily skin is blackheads. Blackheads are yellow or blackish bumps or plugs on the skin and they are usually found on the nose, lip area, cheeks and chin. The primary cause of this skin problem is excess oil that has accumulated in the sebaceous glands’ openings. The substance found in these bumps is mostly keratin and sebum which has darkened when it oxidized. Blackheads occur due to improper cleansing where oil is not thoroughly removed from the skin. Blackheads look ugly on the skin and once they spread deep into the skin it is very difficult to remove them. Blackheads if left unattended will stretch and open the skin pores. Trying to squeeze them is not the right way to remove blackheads. It can actually make the situation worse and can give scars on the face and skin. To help you eliminate blackheads here are some blackhead removal steps to try:

Easy Steps to Removing Blackheads

Photo of a woman using steam for blackhead removal1. Warm steam is very effective for deeply cleansing your pores. This method softens the blackheads and makes them easier to remove. The warm steam opens the skin’s pores to loosen and remove deep-seated dirt and oil. It also promotes circulation on the skin helping it heal. There are several easy ways to do a steam facial.  The first and easiest would be to purchase a facial steamer, which would be great for persistent acne problems.  If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply fill up your sink or a basin with steaming hot water then place a towel over your head to form a tent and maximize the steaming effect and place your face comfortably over the steam for about 20 seconds.  If you’re in a hurry, you can make a warm compress instead, and place the warm washcloth over your face to open up and unclog those pores.

2. Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration helps prevent the skin from getting blackheads. Water flushes away the toxins in the body and makes the skin smoother. You need to avoid too much caffeine because it can aggravate the blackheads.

3. Cleanse and exfoliate. Proper cleansing and exfoliation will help keep the skin clean and regulate excess oils which cause blackheads. It is best to use organic products made from natural ingredients because they are safer and gentler for daily use. A good homemade exfoliator is oats. Whole oats and oatmeal can gently and effectively exfoliate and soften your skin. When exfoliating it is best to do it in a circular motion to avoid damaging the skin.

4. Use facial or nose strips. Facial or nose strips are very effective at removing blackheads on those hard-to-reach places where oil and dirt get trapped. It is best to use these strips only once a week to give the skin enough time to properly heal. A gentler and safer way to remove blackheads would be to lightly cover problem areas with milk of magnesia; when the solution dries, you can rinse it off with warm water. This natural ingredient can penetrate deeply and remove excess oil and dirt.

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