How to Cure Dry Skin

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Dry skin is no fun. Skin that lacks sufficient moisture can make wrinkles look worse, often feels painful and may, in severe cases, crack and bleed. There are many things that can cause this to happen. Fortunately, this problem is usually easy to cure. Here are several easy steps you can take to return your skin to a healthy level of moisture.

Home Tips to Reduce Dryness on Skin

Bathe Gently

Photo of a woman preventing dry skinYou might think that you just need more water to moisturize your skin, but one of the easiest ways to develop dry problematic skin is being too rough when bathing. Your body’s natural oils are important for protecting it from the elements, and spending too much time in the shower or will remove too much. Try reducing the amount of time you spend washing off or turning down the water temperature a little if your skin is feeling dry lately.

When you dry off, don’t rub too hard, be gentle – because this may remove the natural oils on your skin and make things worse. Gently press the towel against yourself to absorb moisture, and repeat as necessary.

Choose a Different Soap

You may be using soap that is just too powerful for your type of skin or too strong for the season – what might have been perfect for cleaning off the sweat and dirt of a hard day’s work in the summer can leave your skin painfully cracked after a dry winter day in the office. This can be especially noticeable if you use a too-powerful soap to wash your hands frequently, causing your knuckles to chap before the rest of your hand follows. Consider switching to a gentler soap or something with a built-in moisturizer to gradually cure skin dryness.

Don’t get Overzealous with Acne Products

The fight against acne requires a delicate balance – you need to eliminate excess oil, but eliminating too much will make your skin dry, cracked… and vulnerable to more acne. Balance your skin’s needs carefully. If your current facial cleanser is marked for normal skin or claims to be extra-strong, then you need a lighter cleanser. Look for a gentle cleanser, or one recommended for your skin.

You may also be using too many products together. If you’re using two types of skin cream to do the job of one, then only use one. Follow the directions and don’t apply it more often than recommended or you’ll never cure your problematic skin no matter what else you do. If your skin is still dry after lightening the load of products, then you may need to give your skin some time off. Apply acne-fighting products only to problem areas that are still greasy to the touch, and leave the rest of your skin alone until it no longer feels dry.

Reduce Exposure to the Elements

Too much sunlight, wind, or exposure to heat or cold can cause your skin to dry out. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing appropriate to the conditions you’ll be in if you’re spending a lot of time outside.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizing skin cream can be extremely helpful. It is especially good as an immediate treatment if your skin is painfully dry. Make sure the moisturizer fits your type of skin before making a purchase, and if the results don’t satisfy you, look for a different alternative.

Remember that moisturizers only increase the amount of water in your skin and cannot help the natural oils. They should only be used as a temporary solution – if you have to moisturize frequently, look over the above steps and see if you can do anything to help your skin to return to a healthy balance.

You can cure skin dryness. Be mindful of the natural balance your body needs and identify problems in your lifestyle, and soon you’ll have the healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

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