Five Causes of Acne

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Skin problemsThe causes of acne range from what you’re eating to who your parents are. Some causes can be avoided with a little bit of effort, while others are entirely out of anyone’s control. Knowing the cause of your acne can help in finding a way to control it once there has been an outbreak.

The first cause, which will affect anyone and everyone, is diet. There are several very common foods that are known to either cause or irritate existing acne. Though note that any acne caused by food is actually the result of a mild food allergy, meaning not all foods will affect everyone the same way. A few foods to watch out for are dairy products, egg products (egg yolks, in particular), processed foods (such as packaged cakes and cookies, chips, and most fast food), and caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate).

Have an important job interview coming up? Final exams start next week? There’s a chance you’ll have an acne outbreak in your future. Excessively high levels of stress increase your chances of acne. The best way to combat this is simply doing your best to stay calm and relaxed when placed in a situation that would usually cause stress.

A very common, as well as entirely out of your control, cause of acne can be genetics. If members of your close family have experienced some level of acne, usually it will reflect your own experience with it.

If one of your parents had bad outbreaks of acne in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will as well as other factors come into play. However, it will increase your chances of having an outbreak. In other words, of you have “acne history”, make sure to eat right and do what´s in your hands to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Generally more common for females than males, cosmetic items tend to cause irritation and clogging of the pores, and in turn, acne. Products like mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow are usually the more common items that may cause those inconvenient outbreaks. The heavier the product is applied, more likely it is to clog the pores and cause trouble.

The best way to combat this is making sure to wash off any excess amounts from your face at the end of the day. Leaving it on for extended periods will not only increase your chances of getting acne, but is also very bad for your skin.

Looking out for products that are more water based than oil based is also a good idea. So, don´t forget to remove that entire “diva” make up before going to bed! Your skin will thank you for it.

Along with products you would usually apply to the face, items such as hair gel and hairspray, when not used properly, can cause acne. If excess hairspray or hair gel that gets on the skin isn’t washed off, it can cause irritated and clogged pores.

The most common and easy to control cause of acne is having dirty skin. However, the biggest misconception is that acne can be caused by dirty skin in general and that’s not necessarily true.

When washing your skin to prevent acne, what you’re getting rid of is the excess build up of oil and dead skin cells that could potentially clog your pores. Simply rinsing your skin off with cool water will do the trick.

Note that washing your skin too much can have an opposite effect. By washing your skin too often, you run the chance of causing damage to your pores and over drying your skin, which will actually increase your chances of acne.

Although unfortunately you can’t control genetics (that’s where you’re out of luck), knowing what the most common causes of acne are, will help you make the right decisions in order to combat (and hopefully prevent) an outbreak. Watching what you eat, staying relaxed, avoiding stressful situations, using cosmetic products properly and creating a regular skin washing routine can make a world of difference in preventing acne.

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