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Perhaps you or someone you know only has mild psoriasis, and saving money on expensive treatments is important or perhaps current treatments aren’t doing enough. Whatever the case may be, there are several home remedies for psoriasis that can help. For those who suffer from this condition, these treatments may be just what is needed to have healthier, better-looking skin.

Useful Home Treatments for Psoriasis:


Woman using moisturizers great home remedies for psoriasisMoisturizers are dry skin’s best friend. While acne sufferers need to be wary of using moisturizers with oil in them, oil is a great thing for moisturizing psoriasis plaques, as it offers the highest level of lasting moisture protection. A commercial skin cream can be as effective as a natural remedy like olive oil—whichever option the user likes most is generally the best choice.


While it may not seem like a pleasant option at first, coal tar is a proven treatment. It takes care of both the inflammation and the rapid growth of cells that are the roots of this skin disorder. Since tar is both highly useful and available as an over-the-counter drug, it’s one of the best remedies for psoriasis you can do at home. There are several options for application, as it is often included in skin cream, soap and shampoo, and it is also available as bath oil for full-body treatment. However, be mindful that it is tar, and can stain clothing and smell bad. Also, it can irritate some people’s skin, so be sure to test it first.


Warm (not hot) water can be helpful for psoriasis and other skin problems, but it should be used in limited amounts, as it will remove the protective oils that skin needs so badly—in other words, don’t spend half an hour in the tub. Psoriatics can take advantage of the way water softens skin to get rid of any easy-to-remove scales; follow up by moisturizing afterwards. To get more benefits from a bath, add moisturizing oils, tar, Epsom salt, or oatmeal to the water: any of these can help make scales easier to remove. Because of the reasons mentioned above, these are great home solutions for psoriasis.

Avoid Dry Air

The climate can certainly contribute to the problem. Harsh winters, dry environments and buildings with low humidity levels can dry out skin and make psoriasis worse. Moisturize more frequently in dry weather and install humidifiers at home.

Salicylic Acid

Another effective over-the-counter drug, salicylic acid aids in skin shedding. It can be applied to scales to make them easier to remove—just keep in mind that leaving it on the skin for too long can cause the body to absorb unhealthy amounts, and like any medicine it’s dangerous in quantity. Wash off any salicylic acid solutions a short time after applying them.

Weight Loss and Diet

Folds of fat, particularly underneath an overweight stomach, are frequent trouble spots for psoriasis. Psoriatics who are carrying extra weight or whose diets have a high glycemic load may also experience more severe inflammation, aggravating their condition. Achieving a healthy weight and maintaining a balanced diet can help reduce symptoms. Better yet, it boosts self-image and confidence, helping to combat the psychological wear and tear of living with psoriasis.

Cover Up

Just as bandages help wounds heal faster, covering lesions or plaques can speed recovery time. Apply a medication or moisturizer first, and then seal it in with patches from a pharmacy. Change the covering frequently and expose the area to air often enough to prevent the skin from becoming overly moist; failing to do so can create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Home treatments and remedies for psoriasis even for psoriasis on your scalp can make a huge difference for many psoriatics at a reasonable cost. When combined with effective scar removal cream, they can also greatly reduce the cosmetic damage caused by this disorder. However, always be sure to talk to a doctor before using any home treatments.

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