How to Cure Acne Naturally

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How to Cure Acne NaturallyUnderstanding how to cure acne without expensive medications or chemical cures can be challenging if you don’t know the common causes of the condition. Knowing how acne develops will make it easier to examine current routines and regimens and see where they are lacking, or what actions may be exacerbating the problem. It is usually possible to cure acne over a period of time with some careful attention, and this can be done without the use of common over-the-counter medications including salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide, both of which are damaging to the skin with prolonged use.


How to Cure Acne by Understanding Its Causes

It is impossible to figure out how to cure acne without understanding the way outbreaks happen, since new outbreaks are often part of a cycle. Acne is caused by an excess of bacteria trapped in the skin pores, which becomes inflamed and full of white blood cells that try to destroy the bacteria. If the immune response is unsuccessful, outbreaks may become infections, which are more painful and disfiguring than most acne. Most severe outbreaks stem from a smaller outbreak that the sufferer might have handled incorrectly. Touching the face too often can spread bacteria, as can sleeping repeatedly on pillowcases that have not been washed recently. Many people are in the habit of squeezing blemishes, which is never a good idea since it releases secretions full of bacteria and oils that lead to new blemishes. This causes a never-ending cycle that continues becoming worse since the sufferer is not sure how to change their current routine to cure their acne.

To break the cycle, the sufferer simply needs to change a few habits to prevent future outbreaks. Washing the hands frequently can make a difference by eliminating clogging oils and harmful bacteria, especially after touching or scratching the face or other acne-prone areas such as the chest and shoulders. It is also important to refrain from squeezing blemishes or otherwise opening them, since this is painful at best and disfiguring or life-threatening at worst. Blemishes that are squeezed instead of left to heal naturally are red, unsightly and inflamed before the open wound heals. Since the squeezed blemish is an open wound, it is prone to infection, which can be even more painful and problematic if the acne is on the face. They may scar and will almost certainly cause worse outbreaks in the same area.


How to Cure Acne through Prevention

Along with being careful about touching blemishes and spreading germs, it is important to stay clean and know how to cure acne through staying clean and using certain natural remedies that will keep bacteria away while soothing current outbreaks. Since faces come into contact with sheets and pillowcases every night, it is often necessary to wash the bedding several times weekly in a mild detergent to remove facial oils that deposited there during sleep. It is also important to launder face cloths and towels between uses so the oil from last night does not get rubbed into the face during nightly astringent cleansing. Finally, using a gentle rinse or cleanser containing rosemary is often a great way to end the night, since rosemary rids the skin of oils while promoting blood flow to the surface, which helps flush out bacteria and bring in antibodies that fight current acne infections.

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