How to Prevent Acne – 5 Easy Steps

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Prevent AcnePreventing acne can be very difficult for some. Acne is caused when oil glands in the skin become overactive and oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and anything else that may block your pores become prevalent. This causes your pores to become irritated and acne appears. Though acne is often times genetic – hormones often become overactive due to genes – there are several things you can do to help prevent acne from worsening.

The easiest and most obvious method is keeping your skin clean.

By washing often, you get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells that could potentially clog your pores and cause acne. However, washing your skin too often can actually have an opposite effect. You could actually cause damage to your skin by over drying it and irritating acne, causing it to get even worse. Washing and drying your skin with cool water at least once per day is advised. Doing so in the morning is the best time, as oil and dead skin cells can build up during sleep. Washing after exercising or any other time there has been sweat build up is also advised.

Using a scrub specially designed to fight acne is also a great idea.

Some scrubs are designed to prevent acne. Using these on a regular basis (as often as the product suggestions) will help prevent outbreaks from occurring. Other products are designed to get rid of acne that already exists. They also help prevent acne that already exists from spreading. Other products some people use, such as hairspray, hair gel, lotions, and make up can cause acne. Staying away from hair styling products is your best bet. If you are you going to use them, try your best to keep them away from your face and other parts of your body, as they contain oils that are very bad for your pores and will cause acne. Using water based products will also help. As for lotions and make up, try to find products that are listed as non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. These products are specially designed to not clog pores.

Avoiding tight-fitting and heavy clothing

Tight shirts and pants can cause irritation of the skin and increase your chances of an acne outbreak. Although it is a prevention method that won’t apply to everyone, it is advisable  to avoid tight clothing when exercising, as the combination of sweat and irritated skin is a sure way to cause acne. Wearing heavy clothing, such as sweatshirts, can cause you to become overheated and make you sweat. If this occurs, washing your skin is generally a good idea that may help prevent acne.

Your diet can play a big role in whether or not acne is present.

Avoiding egg yolks, high-fat dairy products, omega-6 acids (found in foods like bacon and burgers) and caffeine can help prevent acne as well. Consuming egg whites, low-fat dairy products – skimmed and soy milk, too – and drinking decaf coffee and sodas are a good alternative. Avoiding omega-6 foods is also not only good for your skin but also your health in general. Consumption of any of these foods in moderation, if at all, is okay. As generally acne caused by food is a result of a mild food allergy, specific foods won’t affect everyone the same way. Staying consistent in following these steps can make a world of difference in preventing acne. The biggest step is making sure you keep your skin clean at all times. Washing after exercise and on a regular, day-to-day basis is a must.

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