Natural Psoriasis Treatment Options

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Whether medications aren’t doing enough or you’resimply trying to take a more natural approach to healing, there are several potentially effective natural psoriasis treatment options that can improve a psoriatic’s quality of life. Here are a few popular treatments, along with their pros and cons:

Natural Treatment Options…


Photo of a woman with aloe a natural psoriasis treatmentSome research has indicated that aloe may be helpful for healing psoriasis plaques. As some people are allergic, test with a small amount first; discontinue use if there is an adverse reaction. If not, then try using it on plaques and problem areas and see if there’s an improvement. Those who are happy with the results can easily cultivate aloe in their own home or garden, saving money and guaranteeing that they’re using a truly organic, natural treatment for psoriasis.It may also be worthwhile to try an aloe-based scar removal cream to improve the look of scarred skin after the plaques clear.


One of the best things psoriatics can do is get healthy exposure to the sun. Make sure that any effected areas get direct sunlight. However, be careful to limit the time spent in the sun to avoid sunburn, which will only make things worse.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil should be used with caution. There are many people who have found it to be one of the more effective home remedies for psoriasis, but it can cause problems as well. For some people, it can be irritable to the skin, even in the diluted levels found in many types of skin cream—and more skin irritation is the last thing anyone suffering from psoriasis wants. It is also toxic if swallowed. However, it’s worth trying; start with small concentrations. If they do not irritate the skin, consider upgrading to a pure essential oil. See if there’s a noticeable improvement after repeated application and decide whether or not it’s working.


There are various supplements available, such as shark cartilage or milk thistle, that are often heralded as effective forms of natural treatment.However, none have been clinically proven. This doesn’t mean they don’t work, of course—few have been disapproved either—but keep in mind that some also have side effects that can be harmful under certain circumstances.Talk to a doctor before experimenting.

Meditation and Calming Techniques

Meditation, yoga, and spiritual or supportive groups can all be helpful in improving mental outlook and helping practitioners and members stay calm. This can help reduce everyday stress, which has dual benefits: first, since psoriasis is often worsened by stress, the condition is very likely to improve when stress is lessened. Second, with improving health, there will be less stress. These techniques are highly recommended, as they’re beneficial even if they fail to treat the condition directly.

While few natural treatment for psoriasis ideas will work for everybody, experimenting with the possibilities is worthwhile. If even one or two things on this list work for you or someone you know, it will be well worth the effort of trying them out.

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