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We’ve researched and read dozens of customer opinions to provide you with unbiased information and Revitol Hair Removal Cream reviews. If you’re considering buying this product, the following info may help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Revitol Hair Removal Cream Reviews …

How it Works

Any hair removal cream works by weakening the hair shaft, causing the hair to fall away. In this case, the primary active ingredients are calcium hydroxide (a common ingredient used by other brands like Nair) and calcium thioglycolatetrihydrate (thioglycolic acid-based ingredients like this appear in varying forms in many different depilatories). These ingredients work by attacking the keratin that holds the hair together. However, since skin is also made largely of keratin, such ingredients can burn and cause irritation. Products containing thioglycolic acid also tend to smell bad. Additionally, some people may experience allergic reactions, so it’s always important to test on small areas first.

What Makes it Different

On their website, Revitol claims that using this product is “easy and painless,” and it’s often emphasized that for most people, it will cause no burning or irritation. It is touted for making the skin feel smooth and moisturized afterwards as well.It also includes several plant extracts that are used to aid in getting deep into the follicle, rather than merely weakening the shaft, and it may result in eventual permanent hair loss—which is probably exactly what you’re looking for.

Another advantage is that this product can be used on nearly every part of the body, which can save users quite a bit of money; most hair removal products can only be used on specific areas, and are too harsh or too weak for others.

Opinions from Revitol Hair Removal Reviews

There are a lot of extreme opinions from various Revitol Hair Removal Cream reviews across the web, both positive and negative. While it has received several poor customer reviews on some sites, various review websites feature a positive Revitol Hair Removal Cream review saying that the product does live up to its promises, working quickly and inhibiting hair regrowth without causing any unpleasant sensations.

Customer reviews generally agree that it is painless, though some people did admit to having bad reactions (these could be the result of an allergy).

Here are what a few customers had to say about it:

“It doesn’t hurt at all like some other hair removal creams do. No rashes or burns or sensitive skin follows after use. Just be sure to keep it on as long as it says you have to, or else it will not work!” – Selection from customer review on Amazon.

“I’ve only used this once and was not impressed. I used it on my legs and have coarse thick hair. It did not remove all of the hair, in fact perhaps only about 30% of it over an extended amount of time…25min. Perhaps, I need to use a larger quantity of it, but then this bottle will be done in about 4 applications.” – Customer review on Amazon.

“It worked but the results I’d give a C+ at most. I do recommend that you try it for yourself, products have various results since every person is unique.” – Selection from customer review on Amazon.

Final Word

While it’s less popular than many of this company’s products, it appears to work for some people and is worth a try. Don’t buy into the claim that it’s universally effective, but don’t consider it a waste of money either.

If you purchase and use this product, we would love to hear opinion in order to share it with our readers. After all, the best Revitol Hair Removal Cream reviews come from those who’ve used the product themselves.

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