Developing Homemade Scar Removal Cream

No one wants to walk around with visible scars, which is why so many people have turned to products and treatments to try to make scars less noticeable. However, when given the choice between undergoing any number of medical procedures versus using a product such as scar removal cream, most would go with the latter.

Photo of Shea butter a natural scar removal creamKeep in mind that today a number of skin products are sold that would help diminish the appearance of scars but along with the good are products considered by experts as being worthless. Along with choosing a commercial product like the Revitol scar cream, another option that many people do not even realize is possible is making your own homemade products to remove scars. In this article you will find information on how this can be accomplished, along with tips for proper application.



Gentle Yet Effective

Just as it would be critical to choose a commercial product based on ingredients, effectiveness and safety of homemade products to treat scars at home would also depend on substances used. Along with essential oils, the two ingredients that should be considered include benzoyl peroxide and alphahydroxy acid. Both substances can be purchased from health stores, supplement stores, and even online. It is also important to determine your skin type first before trying out any home made remedies.

Keep in mind that there are several recipes for making homemade anti scar creams. We will use one as an example showing the ease in which this can be done. To begin, an individual would need to purchase 100% pure shea butter, which works amazingly well on old scars. In fact, when looking at different commercial creams formulated for scar removal, shea butter is often a key ingredient.

For essential oil, this particular recipe is made with frankincense. The interesting thing about this oil is that it has been used for literally hundreds upon hundreds of years specifically for various skin problems to include scar removal. The most important thing for a person to remember is that essential oil used in a homemade product should be therapeutic grade.

To create the recipe, half a cup of shea butter would be placed in a microwavable dish and heated for about 45 seconds to melt or at least soften. The oil would then be placed in a jar with approximately 25 to 30 drops of the frankincense essential oil being added. After stirring to blend the two ingredients, the jar would be closed with an airtight lid until ready to use.

Cream Application

Homemade scar removal products can be stored in the refrigerator and when ready to use, the amount needed may be warmed for a few seconds in the microwave. When it is cool enough to apply it on the skin, an individual would smooth it out evenly on the affected area. Any homemade product should be applied two to three times a day in order to get the best results.

Typically, it takes a month or two before a scar begins to fade but with regular use, change does occur for most people. Now, while homemade recipes for these products are considered the safest of all treatments, there are some things to consider. For one thing, a pregnant woman should avoid using any type of product or homemade concoction to diminish the appearance of scars because ingredients of all types absorb into the skin and get into the bloodstream. Instead, something may be done after the baby is born.

Additionally, an individual should be extremely careful when applying any kind of skin cream made at home on the face. In this case the mixture should be applied directly to the area of skin with the scar, avoiding the eyes at all times. Essential oils are natural and healthy but they are also strong. Additionally, essential oils are comprised of different substances that could cause burning or even damage.

Choosing the Best Ingredients

The effectiveness of a homemade products are based on the ingredient selection. Because of this, anyone thinking about taking this route should spend time researching specific herbs, essential oils and other natural substances for the specific type of scar being targeted. Below we have listed some examples although all the information needed can be found easily and quickly online.

  • Rose Hip Oil – Many homeopathic doctors consider this oil as being a miracle worker. When added to a base substance, rose hip oil helps scars begin to fade. Loaded with vitamins A and C, coupled with essential fatty acids, rose hip oil not only promotes new tissue growth but it also works by destroying abnormal or damaged cells and increases collagen and elastin production. The greatest benefit is that creams made at home with this ingredient works well on virtually all types of scars.
  • Snail Serum – Rich in enzymes, coenzymes, peptides, and a variety of other beneficial molecules, home remedies for scars made with snail serum have proven to be highly beneficial, especially for acne scars and stretch marks. This ingredient has the ability to heal at a cellular level but also boost both elastin and collagen production.

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