Skin Tightening Cream – Beneficial or Hype

With age or after losing a significant amount of weight loose and sagging skin is a frequent problem that challenges thousands of people around the world. To correct the problem, a person has several options to consider; For one thing, someone in this situation could hit the gym and with time and dedication begin to see gradual changes. A more drastic possibility would be in the form of surgery such as a partial or full body lift.

Photo of a woman wearing a skin tightening cream maskNow, in recent years a third option known as skin tightening cream emerged. With this being affordable, convenient and effective people began buying this category of products quickly. While this last option for tightening loose and sagging skin sounds great, many people question whether it actually works or if the entire concept is nothing more than hype.

Today, the skincare industry is worth billions of dollars thanks to innovative and somewhat bizarre products being developed. Because of this, consumers have both the right and responsibility to research products before using them. This would include understanding ingredients used in the formula, identifying potential side effects, looking over statistics regarding effectiveness and safety and even investigating the manufacturing company. Prior to buying and using any skin cream, this process should be followed in order to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Claim to Fame

Companies that manufacture skin care products use strategic advertising and marketing to get the attention of possible buyers in an attempt to get ahead of the competition. If claims are factual then there is no problem but unfortunately, not all companies play fair. The statements seen with virtually every product of this type include “Makes wrinkles less noticeable”, “Improves visible appearance of skin”, or “The best skin care product”.

Remember, companies can say almost anything they want because skincare products and cosmetics are not overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same manner prescription medication is. While felonious statements will eventually catch up to companies making them, because of the level of popularity for this type of product huge profits are made before most consumers catch on. Of course, along with false statements, there are several companies that manufacture skin products who are honest and trustworthy.

The Truth

The truth is that some products do produce tighter skin thanks to hydrators and skin firming agents. However, for the best outcome and long-lasting results, it is imperative for someone with loose and sagging skin to get daily exercise and follow a healthy diet to assist a good effective product along the process of treating loose skin. In other words, a high quality product coupled with a healthy lifestyle is the best way for a person to achieve the intended goal.

Most creams take several weeks to months before any change is seen but there are a few that can produce positive results in two to four days. For instance, a product called Pure Peptide Skin Tightening Lotion is considered among the best available. This particular cream is made from hyaluronic acid, collagen builders, powerful peptides, omega 3 fatty acids, and a pure form of aloe vera.

This specific combination of ingredients has proved beneficial for many people struggling with loose and sagging skin. Studies show the ingredients have the ability to rebuild and renew skin by boosting levels of elastin, collagen, and flexibility. In addition to the product being strong enough to firm skin, it is also gentle enough to be used on softer skin such as the abdomen, under arms, and neck. While one of the higher priced products, considering the results it would be a worthwhile investment.

Important Product Factors

Keep in mind that many other products exist that can accomplish much the same thing as the example provided. This is why gaining knowledge about the ingredients used is one of the most important things a person can do. Regardless of brand or the resource from which a person buys a skin cream product, the following are among the more critical things to look for or consider.

Collagen – Look for products that contain collagen building ingredients since loose and sagging skin is the result of collage tissue breaking down and not being able to provide enough support.

Area of Skin – Any skin product being considered should be formulated specifically for the area of the body needing improvement. Now, there are many products that can be used on all parts of the body but there are others that have a stronger formula for legs, arms, and tummy and a less potent formula for facial skin, neck, breasts, and arms.

Ingredients – The best creams to tighten the skin would be formulated with organic or 100% natural ingredients that restore and rejuvenate skin.

Hydration – The right type of skin moisturizer is a key element of any effective product so it would be important to find a product that contains some type of high quality hydrator.

Price – While not one of the more critical factors, some skin tightening products are expensive so it is always good to look around at local stores but also online to find an effective and safe skin products that fits the available budget.