How Does Stretch Mark Removal Cream Work?

Stretch mark removal cream is a popular treatment option for people who want to make stretch marks fade or disappear completely. The biggest challenge comes in choosing a product that actually works and one with few to no side effects. Because of this, we wanted to offer a few recommendations that would make the buying process better. However, we also want to address the way in which these commercial product works.

Photo of a pregnant woman using stretch mark removal creamPrior to these products being developed, people had few options. This means for many individuals, living with unsightly and embarrassing scars. With this being such a prevalent problem, experts quickly recognized the need for research so a solution to help could be identified and created. Thanks to both research and numerous clinical studies, people with stretch marks now have viable solutions for getting rid of them.

Understanding Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that appear associated with extreme weight gain and loss. While men and women can get stretch marks in connection with normal weight gain and loss, scars are most often associated with pregnancy. When skin stretches further than its elasticity allows, these scars form.  The problem is that the body does not have adequate elastic fibers (elastin) or collagen so skin can stretch as needed.

Initially, stretch marks are barely visible around the area of skin unable to stretch. Over time, the scars become shiny and turn white and fade slightly after a few, followed months to years later fading slightly. While devastating at first, most stretch marks shrink and fade to the point of barely being noticeable but in more severe cases, some type of treatment would be required to help.

Key Factors for Effective Products

For any stretch mark treatment to be effective, it must meet specific criteria. Below are the most important factors that a person should look for when shopping for effective creams for stretch marks.

Antioxidants – The power of antioxidants is unrivaled, especially when it comes to improving scars. Instead of making stretch marks fade or disappear, antioxidants play a key role in protecting the skin from further damage. Giving skin the chance to heal, become more flexible, stronger, and more resilient. Additionally if a person were to experience another quick weight gain and loss, additional stretch marks would be prevented.

Moisturizer One way in which this type of treatment works is by moisturizing the affected area of skin. For this reason, an effective cream must be formulated with a high quality moisturizer. There are a number of good options but cocoa butter and aloe vera are two highly recommended by experts. The most important thing is choosing a product that contains an organic or all-natural moisturizer to keep the scarred area soft and supple while penetrating beyond the top layer of skin.

Vitamins It is also essential for any good product to treat stretch marks to contain specific vitamins. For example, vitamins A, D3, and E promote new skin and cell growth so when applied to the scarred skin, a layer of protection is created so skin has the opportunity to heal and regenerate.

The bottom line is that when a product is made with an appropriate blend of ingredients like the Revitol stretch mark cream, they usually produce favorable results. When used on a regular basis, this type of treatment helps diminish signs of current stretch marks and prevents future damage.

Effective Removal Creams

Instead of accepting what seems to be the inevitable an individual can see change simply by using the right product to treat stretch marks. To get a person started in the right direction, we want to offer examples of products have proven beneficial for many others living with this type of scarring.

Bio Stretch Marks Cream – Using patented organic technologies, stretch marks are targeted in two specific ways. First, the epidermal skin affected with stretch marks is irritated, which in turn allows the damaged surface of skin to be removed. Second, the skin has the ability to heal but at the cellular level. With this, deeper layers of skin in which scarring of this type forms is renewed.

StriVectin-SD – This is another one of the popular creams for diminishing the signs of stretch marks, is comprised of a collagen peptide complex that is also great for reducing lines and wrinkles. Interestingly, this complex penetrates deep into the layers of skin where new collagen production is stimulated. On average, a person would see results in 30 days although for more severe stretch marks it might take slightly longer than that.

TriLASTIN-SR – This is a concentrated formula three times stronger than regular ones, it can reduceconcentration formula capable of producing a dramatic reduction of stretch marks dramaticallybut on a permanent basis. In fact, most people see a significant improvement within 30 days or less. This product offers several unique benefits such as being hypoallergenic, containing a nearly 100% complex of amino acid protein, and using soy, collagen, and elastin proteins