The Best Food for Acne

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Food for AcneGoing on an anti-acne diet might just be one of the ways to effectively get rid of your acne problems. Even though doctors and skin care experts haven’t figured out for sure how much your diet actually affects acne, one thing is certain: there are certain foods that help acne disappear and dry out and there are certain foods that simply irritate the acne and cause it to break out. Below are some foods you want to add to your diet, and some you want to completely avoid.

These are some of the top competitors for the title of best food for acne:

1. Olive oil – Olive oil provides good fats that our bodies need. Oils like olive oil and sesame oil have essential fatty acids that are required for good health. These nourish our skin from the inside out.

2. Green tea – Rich in chemicals called catechins which are anti-inflammatory. It helps prevent acne as well as reduce the signs of aging.

3. Seeds and Nuts – Seeds and nuts are rich in Omega 3 oils. These oils are also found in oily fish like salmon, and in flaxseed oil. Omega 3 oils are powerful antioxidants which help the skin remain supple.

4. Lemon water – Lemon water helps to stimulate and detoxify the liver and expel fat deposits. It also helps your body to produce more enzymes in the liver to help with detoxification. While the liver helps remove toxins from your body, it cannot remove toxins that are pushed through your skin. This means those toxins become prime breeding grounds for bacteria that cause acne. In order to survive, acne-causing bacteria need specific conditions to breed, and those are areas with low oxygen and high acid levels. The minerals in lemons help offset the acid pockets that can form in our skin.

5. Garlic – Garlic helps to lower our bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, called HDL. It also helps reduce toxins like lemon water does. So by reducing the toxins, we lessen the possibility of providing the required breeding grounds for acne.

Foods to avoid are:

1. Foods with androgenic hormones: It’s difficult these days to know which foods do and don’t have hormones injected into them. Their labels don’t blare warnings of “Watch out! Hormones,” so weeding these out can be difficult. Foods typically injected with hormones are milk and meat. Milk has been known to irritate acne, but the protein in meat is good. When possible, get your meat at a meat market, and not just at the grocery store, where there’s a higher likelihood of hormones having been injected.

2. It is also said that avoiding sugar when you have acne is a good thing. Avoiding sugar in general can be helpful for the body, but it’s not much fun. However, you might want to experiment by going a few weeks without eating excessive sugars you might normally eat, like candy bars, milkshakes, and other sugar irritants.

3. Deep fried or greasy foods are said to also cause acne breakouts. Research shows that foods that are greasy can contribute to the production of oil on our skin. Overproduction of oil can cause clogging and trapping of dirt and debris which could cause severe acne breakouts.

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